2017 ON REWIND - What happened, What I learned, What's next

Thursday, January 11, 2018

2017 is a year of change for me. I never knew how much a year can offer, until I have been able to accomplish and experience life as I dreamed to be. Looking back, I must admit I wasn't as active as I am here on my blog. Things change steadfastly, and I found myself venturing on a different platform. I may not be able to write everything yesteryear, but I promise to flood you with my travel stories right after this year-ender post. Alright, ride with me on a full rewind.

2017 started just the same - school, travel, blog, repeat.

The first month (January 2017) was all about planning, and enjoying my last few moments as a teenager. Same month, I also am planning to try out a different platform, wanting to have wider audience for my craft, and improve my persona & branding online.

February is where my travel spree started. I visited new spots in one of my family's favorite weekend getaway, Tagaytay and finally, had my first travel date with my bestfriend, my Mom. We always go out as a family, and for the first time, my Mom and I decided to visit our shopping haven, Hong Kong, with just the two of us. Well, the damage is big (HAHA!), but we are happy nonetheless.

March is one of my favorite months to look back to. I had my first ever speaking engagement as guest "travel blogger" speaker and ticked off one of the best islands in the world, Coron. I never thought I would be invited to speak in front, of not just only mere people, but my co-UP students, some with the same age as mine, and others, older. I'm really happy that even though I am a lot younger than them, they gave me their two ears to listen to. The latter part of the month was all about me, ticking off something not in my bucketlist, but in everyone else. To be honest, I am no beach girl. I'm really not fond of sea water and salty air but everything changed the moment I stepped foot in Coron, Palawan. I've experienced the best island hopping and the most stunning view right before my eyes.

April is my Cruise month! It's my second time to experience Asian cruise, and I'm really thankful to Star Cruises Asia for tagging my family as VIP and for giving us a wonderful summer vacation. Special thanks to my Mom who went overboard for me! :)
May is my birth month, and the major plot twist of my 2017. This is the month I have decided to go for what I've been wanting for the past year - youtube. Yas, I started my very own youtube channel on my birthday. That day, I didn't think about the subscribers, comments, haters, likers. All I wished for was for my first video to reach 100 views. And it exceeded to 14,000+ views. Never in my wildest dreams did I think of gaining subscribers in an instant, but I did. I reached 1,000 subscribers in just a span of a week. Really, God gives us beautiful gifts on our birthdays, ye. (Haha!)

June is another fresh month; ticking off one of my major travel bucketlist and that is climbing up the Great Wall of China and sliding down my way back. I also visited one of the largest cities in the world, Shanghai!

July is my first youtube event, and my first ever to meet some of my subscribers. I never thought people would recognize me in a sea of bloggers, but thankful to everyone I have met first.

August is all about gaining publicity online. I never thought that I would grow to 10,000 subscribers and be noticed by different online shops and brands.

September is learning more about Youtube, gaining access to it's creator studio, and meeting my co-vloggers. Once were just my idols and persons I look up to turned to be good friends now.

October has been pretty special. I get to work with the brands I never thought I would be able to, got invited to different events, and learned more about the world of online influencing and branding altogether.  It is my first look at earning money through vlogging, and being able to manage school, events, & vlogging as well. I was also invited on another speaking engagement, and guess what? I am with two of the youtube vloggers I look up to, Baninay Bautista and Real Asian Beauty. Lastly, I was able to attend the annual E Blogger's Ball.

November is fantastic. I've visited Tagaytay once again, and unravel a beautiful resort too! Also, I got to visit one of the most popular surfing spots in the Philippines, Baler. Just as I thought I'm living my dreams, wait til' I tell you that I was chosen to walk down the fashion runway and represent Zalora Philippines. If you've been following my blogs; my height isn't ramp model material, but I made it. I was acknowledged as one of the most influential and most fashionable personality of this generation. More than that, I became part of one of the most powerful 2017 campaigns, #IamDifferent, an anti-bullying campaign of Penshoppe. Lastly, I am featured in a travel magazine this month!

December is bomb. I have finally ticked off one of my life goals, and that is to experience a White Christmas with my family. I've worked with one of my favorite make-up brands, Maybelline and I also gained 24,850+ subscribers by the end of the year.

Wow! That was a fun rewind right there. Writing this off not to brag, but so I can look back on life and remember all the baby steps I've worked hard for and accomplished in a year. I would like to take a moment and tap myself for working hard and pursuing my life goals.

To sum it all, 2017 has been pretty good to me and I can't thank God enough for blessing me with these opportunities. I also am thankful for each and everyone of you who have supported me from my first ever blogpost to my first ever vlog upload. I have reread my year ender post for 2016 (http://www.hkristine.com/2016/12/things-im-thankful-for-in-2016-hope-for.html) and I can't help but smile on finally checking everything I hoped for last 2017. I started 2017 knowing that good things come to those who wait and worked hard for it. But I'm also ending it knowing that isn't all about patience and hardwork, it's also about your intentions and goals in general. Yes, good things come to those who have good intentions too. With that in mind, I know I am on the right track.

So what's next for me?

 2017 made me realized that life does not require any age limit or time frame.  It's all about believing in your dreams and doing it - not tomorrow, not later, but now. I learned that living your dreams meant reaching your goals. And this 2018, I want to continue ticking off my life goals and creating new dreams to pursue. I will challenge myself to create more videos - to make you laugh, smile, learn new stuff, discover life, and inspire. With making videos comes enhacing my persona, and my video quality & editing skills. I will challenge myself to write more blogpost - to take you to different grounds, to let you go with me on adventures, and give you more stories to take. With more blogposts comes a lot more curated photos. I promise myself to never stop doing what I love, and set new goals to live and yearn for. This 2018, I'm giving myself another opportunity to experiment and to experience life at it's best. I will travel as far as I can, and radiate positivity as much as I can. This 2018, I will get to know myself and be the better version I can all offer you once more. This 2018, there will be no regrets, just me taking the biggest leap of faith and claiming 2018 as another year for me.

To end this lengthy blogpost,

I still have the same words in mind last 2016, as I leave my favorite year (2017) behind - no regrets at all, just pure happiness and gratefulness for everything that was.  2017 made me mature, wiser & stronger than I ever was before. I know, whatever 2018 will offer, I am ready to go on another roller coaster adventure - up, down or whatever.

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