Mt. Cloud Bookshop: A Book Lover's Paradise

Sunday, April 2, 2017

You know those times when you have to introduce yourself to class, and the teacher requires you to tell a hobby? Or those times where your english teachers wants you to write about something interesting about you? Those moments are usually the times where people talk about how much they love to collect stamps and postcards, how they're good in playing basketball and soccer, and some even talk about ice skating and ballet. Although I've done those things a few times and more, it's always reading that pops into my mind first. So, I share my secret love affair for books - that affair where I can sometimes be an ice skater, sports enthusiasts, and a dancer one after the other.

Often, people get bored with the thought of sitting for hours and looking at long paragraphs with no photos or graphics to see. Sure, you can surf and turf, or play and dance. But reading, it's something you can do anywhere and it'll take you everywhere with not a single injury!

 I really love reading and collecting books. I always felt that it transports me to a different world and for a second - be anything or anyone I'd like to be. It's like travelling - only that you have your own imagination to fill your soul, and you have your own free will to join in a fictional world. Reading is having the freedom, and having the chance to grow within the perspective of different people across the globe. All the more, it's like a drug that makes you addicted to the smell of the pages and the thought of a new story. I find comfort in seeing blocks of new reads and happiness on nights I can binge-read trilogies and series without having to worry about the alarm tickling in the morning. Truly, I can say that reading is my ultimate comfort zone.

  Whenever I travel, I usually search for bookstores in the area or libraries that are open for public viewing. One of which is this.

 I found this small bookshop along the unconventional alleys of Baguio City. It's right beside the famous Hill Station and underneath the Casa Vallejo Hotel. Despite being small in space, it houses unique books you won't find elsewhere, impressive literature finds, and some kawaii stuff. You wouldn't be able to find mainstream titles or some New York Times bestselling fictional books though.

 The books here are uniquely chosen to be Philippine literature and some scholarly works. Moreover, this bookstore chose to support small publishing companies and unconventional local authors of our time. It's just a tiny space, but full of treasures.

Since their opening in 2010, Mt. Cloud continuously provide new and updated shelves for their customers. They also have some artworks posted in the different areas of the shop.

On an interview, they have said that they would like to exhibit a cozy home for everyone visiting the shop, they want the visitors to feel nostalgic, and to feel the warmth of surrounding books. Entering this place makes you feel like you were portaled to another zone - lost in wonderland.

The cool thing is, you can buy a book from them and sell it back to them after reading. For some comics, and hard-to-find literature, they just let you rent it for an hour or so. Perfect for those who would like to recycle money. The shop also acknowledges small tokens or tips for those who just go there for reading and picture taking. I hope you do drop any love amount so they continue to produce treasures and run the shop!

You might think that Mt. Cloud is a little bit old school and vintage in nature, but they do have a website and an active facebook page! I hope you guys could support them by visiting/liking their page. Lastly, I hope to see you guys all hooked up in their couch sometime soon! :)


Store hours: 10:30AM - 8:00PM Daily
Address: Mt Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City 2600
Telephone: (+63) 74 424 4437
FB Page:

2 comments on "Mt. Cloud Bookshop: A Book Lover's Paradise"
  1. i cant stop swooning over the most beautiful pattern theme of the interior. it has quite an antique air to it. plus you are so beautiful and your all white attire compliments the room

  2. The bookshop looks so beautiful. Love your outfit!



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