At the Top of the Highest Indoor Waterfall in the World

Friday, March 17, 2017

We all know that Singapore has always been a future driven city, a country that has always been in a constant search of innovations.
With Garden's By the Bay gaining recognitions the past years, earning a Guinness Book of World Records badge and an utmost popularity, they have once again showed us how the future looks like, and how it's like to live in an ultramodern city.

Gardens by the Bay is divided into three - Bay East, Bay Central, and Bay South and it is known for the three popular tourist attractions - Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, and OCBC Skyway/Supergrove Trees. For this post, I'll take you to the Cloud Forest!

Cloud Forest is one of the two conservatories in Gardens by the Bay. It houses the World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall. More than that, it is also awarded as the World Building of the Year during the 2012 World Architecture Festival. Yep, going here means checking out one of the world's record-beating attractions.

As you enter the Cloud Forest, you will be welcomed by a cool mist and the relaxing sound of the water falling. I was amazed by the cool temperature inside, far different from summer-only Singapore weather. I was shocked when I read at one of their infographics that told they use horticultural waste to produce energy and keep the cool temperature! Now, I know why it is named Cloud Forest! In science, Cloud Forest, also known as a fog forest, is a tropical moist forest with a low-level cloud cover and is abundant in mosses and vegetation. Typically, it has a cold temperature. 

Cloud Mountain fronts the entrance to the Cloud Forest and carries with it the Highest Indoor Waterfall in the World.  The mountain is actually a super tree of garden, having exhibits and a mini-museum inside. Every tree here gets their energy from the sunlight, including the supertrees! Know more about it here.

Remember your grade school teacher talking about how plants would absorb the abundant rainfall in the tropics, and those plants would gradually release the water to supply the land their on? It's the same concept used here in Cloud Forest. Though the waterfall is manmade and isn't naturally a moist from the clouds, it's one of the main source of life for the living plants in the dome.

As you stroll through the area, you will be surrounded by pure vegetations, some of it are rarely found in a place like Singapore. The Cloud Mountain is full of ferns, bromeliads, orchids, and some pitcher plants, all of which can adapt to living in a vertical wall. So it's really cool to see species that can happily bloom in this conservatory.

As you can see, the conservatory is made up of glass biomes that will give you a bird's eye view of the Lion City, and especially the Marina Bay Sands. There's a suggested route to take for you to fully maximize your visit to the Cloud Forest. It starts on the highest point.

As you walk down your way, you'll be able to see Singapore's skyscrapers outside the clear glass biomes, and encounter some fun facts regarding these species and Cloud Forest itself! I wouldn't upload those pictures anymore because it's more fun to be able to learn them actually. 

Don't forget to look through those small fact boards, they're really informative! 

Fun fact I read at one of the info boards: Cloud Forest makes up bout 2.5% of the world's tropical forest yet huge concentrations of the plants and animals live here, many live nowhere else.

How to get here:


Via North-South Line
1. Drop at Marina Bay MRT Station. Take Exit A and hop on to the SBS Bus 400. Drop off at the 4th stop, along Marina Gardens Drive.

Via Circle Line
1. Drop off at Bayfront MRT Station. Take Exit B and follow the underground link. Exit and cross the Dragonfly bridge.

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