5 Reasons Why You'll Love Trickeye Museum Singapore

Sunday, March 5, 2017

You pay to stand or lie on art walls, and take pictures?? Are you for real?

Let me tell you, it's worth every dollar you'll spend! Trick Eye Museum, a museum originated from South Korea, is a 3D Interactive Museum that makes use of the Trompe-l'oeil technique which means "to deceive the eye" or "to trick the eye". It's an art technique that utilizes realistic image and optical illusion to make 2D art look like 3D.

Social media is every one's best friend nowadays, people love to take "creative" pictures and post it on their accounts, right? That is why it's no surprise that this museum gained popularity in South Korea and opened up branches in different cities in Asia as well.  You don't need any 3D glasses or laser beam lights, you just have to bring yourself and a camera, of course! Here's 5 of the many reasons why you'll love Trickeye Museum Singapore.

1. Family friendly and Caters for all ages
It's not everyday that you can find a place where you and your family can just spend the day getting weird and creative without getting tired and messy. Trickeye Museum caters all ages, and by that I mean, no age restrictions and is safe even for your baby siblings or grandparents :) So you don't have to worry about the whole family getting bored and scared. Date with your special someone? Alone and single? No worries too cause I'm sure you'll find something there for you! Every zone gives everyone the chance to enjoy art and interact with it.

2. Different themes
Trickeye museum offers different themes, all of which are masterpieces. You don't have to worry about your instagram feed being messed up too, as there are different thematic set-ups and colors to choose from. If you wan't to be a mermaid for a day, a crococdile's prisoner, a ballerina, a skydiver or even a circus joker, you can be one for a day with Trickeye! You can even trick them on having a boyfriend! :P

3. Hassle and Stress free
Unlike other engagements that'll make you shower in sweat or look wasted, Trickeye Museum is 100% air conditioned, clean, smoke-free, and safe. Even if there are a lot of people inside the museum, you won't feel like it's crowded and hot. You also don't have to worry about taking your own sweet time in perfect-ing your photos :)

4. Unique
You probably been to a lot of art museums already, and even different branches of Trickeye, but Trickeye Museum Singapore is different from all of them. Even though it's the same company who are running the business, they made sure to offer different artistic paintings, optical illusions and tricks to the eye in every branch. Cool, right? I'm sure you'll never ran out of poses and tricks to post on your social media accounts!

5. Express yourself, be yourself :)
Different photos, different styles, different tricks to manifest our unique perosnalities is what I love most about Trickeye Museum's existence. It somehow releases the creativity and personality of a certain person whenever he/she visits the place. There's a wide range of art pieces to choose from and a lot of quirky ideas you can do to each of them. It'll automatically unleash your fun side as well!

And because you stayed til' the end, purchase your tickets via the link below to enjoy 15% off!

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