15 minutes at the OCBC Skyway, Supertree Groves

Friday, March 17, 2017

Gardens by the Bay, one of the newest attractions in the country, is a billion dollar investment over a 100 hectares of reclaimed land at the heart of downtown Singapore. To run it for a year, it would cost about 50 million dollars. It aims to bring nature and technology together, showing the world that it truly is possible to live in a fast paced yet nature-loving city. 

The Supertree Groves are 25-53 meter high (about 10 storey high) that has big canopies opening upward. The highest supertree grove houses the Supertree-top Bistro, offering great dining and a 360 view of the gardens. Also, if you're staying til' the sunset, you get to watch the OCBC Garden Rhapsody. It's a musical light show that is completely free of charge. (!!!)

Other Supertree groves are connected to make the OCBC Skyway. The OCBC Skyway is a narrow 128 meter suspended bridge connecting two 25 meter super trees. Tourists are allotted 15 minutes at the top to give time to the other guest because it cannot hold a lot of people.  So, make sure to make the most out of your 15 minutes!! You can enter via the elevator inside the tree.

Did you know that these Supertrees get their energy from the sunlight? 

 This is probably one of the coolest and unique attractions to this date, and something that really is nature-loving. I suggest that you go here the moment the sun is about to set, so that you could take good photos of the garden with the sunset. (But beware of long lines) Also, seeing the lights open up slowly at the canopies of the trees... it's priceless.

The tickets cost SGD 8.00 for Adults, and SGD 5.00 for the Child. Both are tourist/non-local rates.

Truly, there's nothing like a stroll in the OCBC Skyway. More than being a great vantage point to see the supertrees up close, it's the ultimate view of the city, the finest view of the sunset, and the perfect 128-meter high view of how wonderful the world can be. Though, the allotted time is short for you to inhale the breathtaking view up there, it will still be unforgettable to be able to stand inches away from the supertrees. You're 15 minutes is not wasted since it isn't an ordinary walk from point A to point B, it's knowing that you're part of one of the world's future.

Here are more of their recognitions... you know, in case you aren't convince yet in going! (Haha kidding). World Building of the Year in 2012, the President’s Design Award (Singapore) in 2013, the Outstanding Achievement Award by the Themed Entertainment Association in 2014, the Largest Glass Greenhouse (Flower Dome) in the Guinness World Records for 2015, and the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2016.

How to get here (the easiest):

MRT/Public Bus

1) Via North-South Line: Drop at Marina Bay MRT Station. Take Exit A and hop onto SBS bus service 400. Drop off at the 4th later at the bus stop along Marina Gardens Drive.
2) Via Circle Line: Drop at Bayfront MRT Station. Take Exit B and follow the underground link way. Exit and cross the Dragonfly Bridge.


From Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, go to the Lions Bridge on Level 4 ( it's open everyday from 8am to 11pm). It connects to the Dragonfly Bridge, Gardens by the Bay.
From the Art Science Museum, follow the footpath which leads under the ECP, that will bring you directly into Bay South Garden along the waterfront.

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