12 Things To Do and 6 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Singapore

Sunday, March 19, 2017

3,498. That's the total number of pictures I took during my recent Singapore trip. The number says it all, Singapore is one of my most favorite countries to visit and probably one of the most interesting to explore. It's a land of different cultures coming together and of diverse food. I've been here thrice, the first one during 2009, the second was when we rode a cruise of Superstar Virgo bound for Malaysia and Thailand, and the latter was for exploring the newly openend (that time) Universal Studios Singapore. Looking at how many pictures I took, I feel excited as to where will these travel photos take my blog and how great content would that be.

Here's 10 things to do in Singapore:

1. Ride a Singapore Sightseeing Bus

2. Eat Singapore's Dirty Ice Cream at Orchard Road

3. Explore the Colorful Stretch of Kampong Glam. (Learn more here here)

4. Eat Ice Kacang and Chendol, one after the other!

5. Ride the Gondola at Marina Bay Sands

6. Brave the narrow aisle of Supergrove Trees at Gardens by the Bay (Know more here)

7. Ride the Singapore flyer

8. Wash your face at the Merlion Park (sorry for the photo failure tho)

9. Visit the Tallest Indoor Waterfall in the World (Know more here)

10. Go foodtrippin' along the streets of Chinatown

11. Go night strolling at Clark Quay

12. Shop til you drop at Ion Orchard

If I could describe Singapore in one word, I'd pick majestic. I always thought that Singapore, however small their country is, stands dignified on a clean ground. Literally and figuratively. Peaceful, rich, organized, and clean  that's how the country is for me. Always ahead for the future, Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia. Here's five things you should know before travelling to Singapore:

1. YourSingapore Tourist Pass. You do not have to worry about spending a big sum of money for transportation because Singapore has a tourist pass exclusively for foreign passport holders. It is the only ride that will give you unlimited access to Singapore's transport such as MRT, LRT, and basic bus service. By buying this, you can gain discount coupons to some of the top attractions in SG, plus a free entrance to Chinatown Heritage. What more, there are a lot of exciting freebies from different local shops as well!

2. Once was just a tiny diamond in the world map, Singapore, little by little expands their country because of their increasing population density. I believe they claimed approximately 200 squaremeters of water and increased their land area by 25% over four decades! Wow!

3. Singapore is a country of 63 islands. Yes, that's a fact. At first, I thought that Singapore was just one small island. A lot of tourist only knew and explores the main land, which is where you can find most attractions. But if you have time and feeling adventurous, you can do island hopping in Pulau Ubin and Pulau Hantu too.

4. Bubblegum is a no-no. Not that they hate bubblegums, but you won't be able to find anywhere of it here, just because they banned it. I heard that it is for preventing pollution and preserving cleanliness. Although Singapore customs won't confiscate your gum, you can't sell it in the country. What more, you can't just throw it away elsewhere unless you want to see the police right outside your hotel door. And who would want that? :P

5. No lions in Lion City. Everyone knows that Singapore is pretty much known as the Lion City. But little do all of you know that you can't find any lion in this country, except for the statue of the famous Merlion, of course! The story started as how the Srivijayan Prince of Palembang said to have seen a lion in the island and instantly named it Singapura, which in Sanskrit means the lion city. But seriously, there were really no lions in this country.

6. Lyrical 1000 Singapore dollars. We might not get to hold a 1,000SGD often, but when you get the chance to do so, Singapore's national anthem is printed at the back of it. Cool, right?

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