Getting Around Myeongdong

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I instantly fell in love with Myeongdong the first time I stepped foot on its boundaries.
 More than just being the leading shopping district in Seoul, there's so much to explore and discover, really. I don't think making two blogs would do Myeongdong justice; but hey, there'll be more next times to fly to Seoul right?

If you read my Korea travel posts, you probably know by now how much of a shopping stretch Myeongdong is? Getting lost here is probably one of the best memories I've had in the trip. You'll probably say that Myeongdong is just a ward of beauty cosmetics and make-up stalls. But there's more to it than that. Check out my top 12 korean streetfood/restaurants that can be found in Myeongdong here!

Getting around Myeongdong takes a lot of patience and stamina. I don't think anyone would ever be able to find your way out that easily. Korean beauty brands has at least two to three branches in Myeongdong, so it is impossible for you not to enter at least one of it.

Beauty Brands: Etude House
The Face Shop
The Body Shop
Innis free
Tony Moly
Holika Holika

Nature Republic 

Beauty Stores:


 On freebies and discounts: There are a lot of korean ladies outside their stores dressed in cute clothes that will attract you with a lot of freebies, but be careful! You don't want to go impulse-buying! Anyway, here's the exciting part, if you enter their shop, you can get free beauty products from these girls. You'll get more freebies if you buy from them too. They usually give face masks, lotion and toner. Also, the more you buy, the bigger the discount. So, before you actually buy, make sure to really look through every beauty shop because what you're searching for can be available in one shop. (More discounts!!) I repeat, don't go impulse-buying or panic-buying. I'm sure you can find whatever item that's you're searching for at a much cheaper price but still in good quality. I suggest you make your own shopping list so that you won't forget and waste time. And if you're asking, I only tried two brands: MISSHA and Nature Republic!

Tax-free shopping: If you reach 20,000KRW on a single receipt purchase, it is tax free! Some stalls will less the tax, but for the majority, you can claim the charged tax at the airport. There's a machine there that will require you to scan the receipt and give you the money back. So keep all those receipts! For the LOTTE Department Store/ Duty Free, they have their own tax free department where you can actually get the money back easily but they'll ask you to still scan the receipt just so you won't be charged on your credit cards! Sometimes, if you buy luxury items, the customs will ask you to bring your luggage for some checking. But for us, they didn't!

Clothing: Aside from the long range of korean beauty products, Myeongdong has a wide range of clothing brands from mid-high end, international brands, and unique korean fashion stores like Bean Pole and BSX! It also houses the largest Uniqlo store in Korea! There are also booths along the alleys selling bargain accesories, bags, and coats. I suggest that you explore the smaller alleys of Myeongdong, so that you can see a lot of small fashion boutique that sells unique and authentic korean style-fashion in a cheaper price! I bought a cute hoodie for just 4,000KRW. 

Shoes: For someone who came from the Philippines, I'd say that it's cheaper to go sneaker/shoes-shopping in Seoul. There's a lot of lifestyle stores in Myeongdong like ABC Mart who sells Adidas, Vans, Converse, New Balance, Puma, Skechers, and more on a discounted rate. There are also Adidas and Nike stores available in the area. I bought two shoes, and they were all cheaper than the prices here in Manila.

Lockers: In case you have heavy luggages and big bags, you can leave them at the lockers available at Myeongdong station. That way, you can roam around the district freely and shop easily. But don't forget your shopping bags, it's really handy since these beauty shops have small paper bags.

That's it. I hope my mini-shopping guide helped you! :D

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  1. Hazel, not only that you are beautiful, but you also have the eye for beauty. You write well and you can capture beauty in simplest things. May you become a star, a movie star, a writer and an author. I am looking forward to seeing your acheivements.

  2. Korea is the beautiful place but i found mostly koreans are always busy. I am glad that you got time for shopping and travel around.


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