First Day of Autumn at N Seoul Tower

Sunday, January 8, 2017

It's in the newspapers the morning we woke up, it's officially the first day of autumn in Seoul.

It's in the newspapers the morning we woke up, it's officially the first day of autumn in Seoul. What better way to say hello to the autumn breeze than from the highest point in the city? Atop is where you can find the famous Locks of Love and the Teddy bear Museum. Not only that, it also the best vantage point to view the land of kimchis and japchaes! So off we go.

I've been wanting to see this place personally since it is where they filmed Gu Jun pyo and Geum Jan Di's first date scene! *Fangirl shout*

Standing 236.7 meter tall is korea's most famous landmark (based from a 2012 survey), the N Seoul Tower, originally known as the Seoul Tower. It sits right at the summit of Namsan mountain and is marked as the highest point in the city.

An expansive outdoor observatory at the second floor of the tower's annex is surrounded by love locks. Looking at all these thousand promises of love gleaming under the sun makes me feel happy and hopeful. Perhaps because it is a living symbol that love reigns true and that there are a lot of couples out there that still believes in these tiny details. *insert romcom fanboards here*

Where are you Song Joong Ki? I'm waiting for you.

There are many things to do in N Seoul Tower considering it is near Namsan Park and the Hanok Village. There's a total of four observation decks, the alive museum, the teddy bear museum, and even a revolving restaurant. The observation deck at the top allows you to see a 360 degrees panoramic view of Seoul. You can buy a ticket for just 8,000KRW for adult, 3,000KRW for kids, and 5,000KRW for senior citizens.

How to go to N Seoul Tower?

By Bus
1,200KRW cash or 1,100KRW for those who have special transportation cards like Suica

There are 3 buses that will take you to the tower, the one stops at Seoul station, the other at Chungmuro station, and the third at Myeongdong station. I'll share the one in Myeongdong since that's what I rode.

1. From Myeongdong Station, take Line 4 Exit 3. You'll see the bus stop directly after you exit.
2. Take the Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus No. 05.

By Cable Car
6,800KRW roundtrip, 4,300KRW one way

1. From Myeongdong station, take Line 4 Exit 3. You'll see a 7-11 at your left. Go straight at that street.
2. Since it'll be an end road, turn right, and then left.
3. Keep walking until you see the Namsan Cable Car station.

By Walking
I do not advice walking all the way up there unless you really do want some hiking and all. I suggest that you just walk your way down the mountain. There's a trail right at the foot of the tower so you won't get lost. 

After exploring much of the area, we then decide to take the trail rather than the bus, just so we can pass by Namsan Park and take a good look of Myeongdong from a different altitude.

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