Unique Gift Ideas + My Holiday Wishlist

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The holiday season always makes me feel giddy and excited because this is the season where I can finally open my piggybank after a year of saving.
I always wanted to be a little Santa to the people around me, and of course, to the people who have made my 2016 extra special. So for the past weeks, I've been out in the mall to buy them some special gifts. Here's my picks that will surely make everyone wish you were their secret santa!

Yet another reason to love the holidays more - the only time of the year I allow myself to indulge in material things I've been wishing for throughout the whole year round. So, here's my own wishlist :-)

1. Planner
This year, I decided to go for a Starbucks 2017 planner because I love attractive handcrafted designs, and handpainted pieces. I heard that the planner has coffee stains too, so that made me want it more! Did I mention that it has several add-ons such as an erasable pen, a Macchiato magnetic bookmark, discount coupons, cute coffee stickers, and a zip cloth pouch which keeps the planner clean? Truly, Starbucks always steps up the planner game. You agree?

2. Capture Your Style by Song of Style's Aimee Song
Don't judge me. I know that I must have gotten a copy of this book by now, but sadly, I can't find a copy elsewhere. So, if anyone of you knows where this book can be found, I'm just a comment away!

3. Life x Style x Love by Garance Dore
One of my favorite things to look for under the Christmas tree is a new book to read. This one is the book I've been eyeing for a year now and I just don't know why can't I find a copy here in Manila. Santa, can you hear me? Garance Dore is one of my favorite international bloggers and has been an inspiration for me to start a blog of my own. Though, I only discovered her blog a year ago too. (hihi)

4. Pastel Pink Blazer
Having your go-to coat/blazer to keep you warm during long flights - every Jetsetter knows this dilemma. I've been searching for the perfect airport blazer to get me by my upcoming 2017 travels and finally, I saw one in a fashion boutique while I'm on my way home. Sadly, I'm out of budget, so I'm just wishing it would be on sale some-----day.

5. Bag Chains
 I lost this fluffy ball keychain on the train to Shibuya last April, and since then, I haven't replaced it yet. I am one with those girls who love to collect cute and small blings, so I'd be happy to have a new one this year.

6. Gift Cards
One of the best things to give and to get this Christmas are shopping cards! Do I need to say more?

7. Highlighter/Contour Kit
I have to admit that I'm no make-up junkie but one of my 2017 things to accomplish is completing my make-up kit and learning to contour my face properly. I killed my foot during my Seoul trip just to find the perfect highlighter, but I can't find the four-palette style like the ones what are available here in Manila.

8. Eyebrow Palette
Every girl's dream is receiving the perfect eyeshadow palette. So, this Christmas, I wanted to have a new one.

9. Sunnies
I have tons of sunnies in my closet already, but who said I don't need more? One of my weakness is having the latest specs/shades to add in my collection. For some, sunglasses are just for fashion purposes, but for a globe trotter like me, it's important that I bring at least five different sunglasses. :-)

10. Graphic/Blush Watch
I've been eyeing a graphic watch since the latter part of 2016, particularly Kate Spade's new releases. Hopefully, before the year ends, I'd be able to buy the perfect match for my everyday runaway.

So, what's in your wish list this year?

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