Things I'm Thankful for in 2016 & Hope for this 2017

Saturday, December 31, 2016

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” - CHESTERTON

2016 has been a year of turning point for me and a year full of plot twists as well. It's been a year of opportunities, travel, and different avenues thereafter. Looking back, I have gained, discovered, love and lost, and have accomplished all of that 2015 hasn't let me, so far.  2016 led me to new acquaintances, new places, and new discoveries. Just as I have gained, I also did lost a few. But writing this now on the afternoon of the last day of the year, I have no regrets at all. I'm glad to say that I'm happier than I ever was before, and that's the main reason why I want my year-ender post to be about thank you's and hopes.

21 Things I'm Thankful for this 2016

1. God. No words but full of gratitude to this Man up there. You are amazing.

2. Succesful blog launch. It was one fine January 2016 that I started to recreate/relaunch my blog, changing my platform from Tumblr to Blogger. It took me just a week to get my first brand collaboration for the year. (I can't believe it too , but I'm really grateful for the trust :) ) I thank all of those who have supported me and my blog, the brands and people I have worked with, my friends and family too.

3. Letting go. I always thought that I'd be stuck on a lost journal forever, but 2016 has led me to let it all go this year, and finally finishing this year off without having to write it out in secret. Finally! Thank you, 2016.

4. Stronger. To the few who have left my side and the problems I have come across, I wouldn't be my stronger self today, if not for all of you and for the life changing experiences.

5. Followers. Reaching 8,000 followers on Instagram. Love you guys! (Yaaaay!)

6. Traveling. The chance to travel this year is something I'm most grateful at, especially my first time in Seoul. I've been to 3 countries within 5 cities this year. (Osaka & Tokyo, Japan - Seoul, South Korea - Singapore - Baguio City) Though I haven't shared the last three with you yet, I'm excited to publish it this 2017. Stay tuned, yea?

7. Making it to Mathinig Chorale with UPMMC. I have always loved singing even though I do not have that angelic voice, but I'm really thankful that I've been part of a chorale group that has taught me a lot this year.

8. Being part of the UP CS Streetdance Team Varsity. I have always loved dancing ever since I was born but entering college made me lose the time to dance. This year though, I have become part of a crew who have always been on a constant strive and with the same passion as me for dancing. I have to thank this little family of mine! To more dancing gigs this year.

9. Family. My support system and my source of happiness too.

10. Lazy Sunday Afternoons. I'm thankful for the little things because the truth is, it's not that little at all. Good coffee, good books, and good company are more than enough to get me by this challenging year.

11. My hard drive. My blog and technological life is in its hands. So I'm thanking this non-living thing for not giving up on me.

12. Fall leaves. 2016 is the year I checked of one of my travel bucketlist, Spending autumn in Seoul. It was an unplanned trip, yet it is one of my favorite one since it's my first time to walk along the streets seeing colorful leaves. (++ the fact that I'm breathing the same air with Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum.)

13. Fears and Tears. I'm thankful for my fears and all those tears that fell this year. It made me realize and know what and who matters most for me, and it gave me an opportunity for growth.

14. Good Health. Although I've been confined too many times this year, I'm happy I have overcome the fear of injections! HAHA! (No, I haven't still.) Kidding aside, I'm thankful that I'm saying goodbye to 2016 in my full strength and health.

15. Spynet. To the few friends who understands why I included this one, thank you for accepting the gamer in me. (Let's play LoL?)

16. The gift of senses. To my eyes that lets me see the good in this world; to my ears that has been the reason for me to listen to the voices of my loved ones and good music; to my nose who have constantly let me smell good food and fragrances; to my sense of touch that has been a reason why I can feel all these wonderful gifts God has made; and to my sense of taste, you are the reason I have a big tummy yet I love you still.

17. Enough. Having enough that I have the opportunity to share what I have with others especially to the less and needy.

18. You. I'm really grateful for the people like you who takes time to visit and read my blog.

19. New found shoulder. A year wouldn't be a year if we don't experience hardships and challenges. Therefore, I'm thanking the one person who I've met a few months back, and who chose to stay despite all challenges that has come our way.

20. My dad. Main source of wit, 'asar-inis', jokes.

21. And, lastly, to my mom, thank you for showing me the world.

This 2017, I hope for

1. Successful vlog launch. 2016 wasn't my vlog year, obviously. But with all that I have learned as a student blogger, I hope I find time to start the year right with youtube.

2. More travel. I'm hoping to check off more countries this year, and of course, exploring my dear country more.

3. Learning. I do not wish for high grades anymore, I only want to gain more knowledge and lessons both in my pursued career and in life general.

4. Good Health, still. Not just for me, but for my whole family as well.

5. World Peace. I wish I could do more than just talk about this but it has come to a point where social media will be one of the most useful tool to be of help to the countries experiencing war.

6. Collaborations and Partnership. I'm hoping to get to know meet more people and work with a lot of brands that I love this year.

7. United Philippines. Hoping for a more united and free country.

8. Better me. I know that 2017 will be full of challenges than 2016, yet I know that I can surpass all that with God. I only hope that these experiences will be an avenue for me to grow more.

To 2017, I'm ready for ya :)

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