The Unedited Truth of Being a Student Blogger

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Being a student blogger - tips and experience

Wow, I'm down to the last month of 2016 with more than 15 write ups to do. Truly, it was a year of trial and error for me. From balancing school works, organization duties, travelling from country to country and of course, maintaining my blog. I originally have a time frame of posting my ready-to-post blogs/vlogs but due to the demand of school, I failed. I know it's just a click a way but sadly, my one and only hard drive kind of loosen up. All of the pictures, videos, and articles were kept there. Can you believe it? I don't even want to start about how much I've lost there. Good thing, I've taken a computer science course last semester, and some basic coding did me good...... and yay, I magically retrieved them all today!

The semester's over and I'm starting to give myself a social media redemption starting today. And since a lot of people have been asking me as to why I'm so quiet in the blogosphere, here's a fair share of my life lately and what I learned during my first year as a part time student blogger.

We all know that the blogosphere is getting crowded as the days pass, and if not majority, maybe half of it are still students. I'm still one of the amateur bloggers in the group, so I still have little problems in managing my priorities and balancing my time. Entering a premiere state university requires a lot more than you could ever think of, I guess.  It's my third year in college already and I still am in a culture shock. Imagine how a two-semester subject for the other students is squeezed in just one semester for you? I have to joggle things up, gear up for sleepless nights, and still try to squeeze in some leisure and blog work. Not to mention my organization's membership requirements like editing publicity materials, doing errands for upcoming events, late night trainings for a dance gig, practices for a chorale competition, and other duties that take up much of my time as well.

Being a student meant having to fulfill the different requirements and meeting deadlines. You have to wake up before dawn to catch a good traffic and be on time for a 7 am class. (Wait... do we even have the time to sleep?) To all the other student bloggers out there, kudos! It was never easy to rank out the responsibilities and what you love to do, isn't it? So, for those students who aspire to become a blogger, I prepared some tips for all of you. (and a little bit of my journey, so far.)

Blogging may be easy, but then if you want to turn this hobby into a career, then that's something you should put hard work and patience for. I know, the top manila bloggers makes it look easy but I swear, it's not. Even if you say that travelling the world is fun and making the airport your second home seems nice, it's very tiring and hard to jump in from culture to culture and find your way out of it. For someone (like me) who started blogging early, stopped, and then give it a try again; it is an uphill climb. Nevertheless, if you love what you do, then there's no point in giving it all up. Right?

First, you have to decide what do you like best. What do you love to do? What type of blog will work best for my schedule? The latter part of 2016 made me realized that I'm more of a globe trotter than a style savvy. With that, I try to blog more of my travel experiences than try to schedule an outfit shoot. Start by sharing your experiences and get to know yourself more. Don't burden yourself by competing with all the bloggers that you see, the secret is to make yourself your own competition and make your co-bloggers your friends. That way, you have less worries and more connections.

Second, studies first. Studying will give you more avenues for you to excel as a person. As much as you like to work with the brands that you love, and go out for shoots with your blogger friends, finishing school is a lot more important because that will always be your pot of gold. Nobody said that you should say no, but at least try to finish all your deadlines first before you party out. You might think that these opportunities are only given once, but always remember that you can do both by balancing your priorities.

Third, my trick is to plan ahead. How can I manage my time to make blogging and school work for me? Since I love travelling and blogging at the same time, I already planned my 2017 Travel Bucketlist ahead of time and booked flights during the dates that I know I'll be free. (Yay, so excited for 2017!!) Since I already booked the flight, I list down what I want to discover and share with you all as I travel that particular country right away. (I even list down some possible blog titles already!) I suggest that you buy a planner or just mark your phone calendars.

Fourth, don't force yourself. Start slowly. If an opportunity arise and you know you can't give your full effort for it, then learn to say no. (Go back to my tip #2) Working with others meant giving your full potential and commitment to them, so make sure that you can really do the job. Don't be blinded by money or the freebies that you will receive. You have a long way to go, and there will always be a lot of avenues that will come your way. Remember that closing a door meant opening a new one again, just wait for that right door.

Fifth, a progress is a progress, no matter how small it is. Don't lose hope, keep doing what you love and keep sharing what you have. All those hard work you put into will pay off slowly soon. Don't do it for the fame nor the prize, do it because you LOVE it. Okay? Trust me on this. And by doing so, the people around you will support and love you as you.

Sixth, seek help when you need it. Don't struggle under the weight of being weak, be honest about it because that's when you learn more. College is not like what you see in the movies, don't try to mimic Serena and Blair or the Mean Girls. You have to be real about it, every body has their own dilemma and you're not alone.

Yay, those are the six things I learned as a part-time student blogger this year. I hope that you guys learned something from me and don't forget to share your stories with me too.

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