Discovering Tokyo Disney Sea

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Not all have gone to any Disney parks but I assume majority of us have heard and dreamt of visiting it one day, just like a little girl who wishes to meet the disney princesses and wander around the castle with Mickey and Minnie. A lot have probably heard about Walt Disney World in Florida or the newly opened and said to be the largest Disneyland Shanghai. Some might have been dragged by their families to Hong Kong Disneyland too, but I guess that a few have heard about Tokyo Disney Sea.

Tokyo Disney Sea is the only Disneyland that's inspired by the underwater world and myths of the sea. Yes, it's only unique to Japan and is one of it's kind in the entire world. Said to be one of the most unusual yet fascinating disneyland there is, Tokyo Disney Sea first opened its gates last 2001 and became the 4th most visited theme park in 2014. There are 7 ports inside, all of which will take you to a whole new world of magnificence and wonder.

There are two disney parks in Tokyo, the other one is Tokyo Disneyland. My mom and I decided to just visit the one and only Tokyo Disney Sea since we've already been to HK Disneyland. Well, I know it's kind of different but we don't have much time to visit the two parks. Visiting a park of this magnitude takes a whole lot of planning. You can't just barge in there without a battle plan. Yes, a battle plan. Don't laugh. (HAHAHA) You see, there are a lot of rides you shouldn't miss and a lot of attraction sites you just can't neglect.

There are tickets that they call "fast pass" that will give you the access to the express lane in a certain attraction/ride queue. You don't need to pay for the fastpass but you need to be so quick to have one. I'll make a separate blog about it. (Tokyo Disney Sea Fastpass Strategy and some tips - soon.)

I would suggest that you ride a gondola at the moment closest to the sunset time since it would give a more romantic atmosphere, though at 4:00 pm, the line is extremely long already. So if you're not much concern about the photos and the atmosphere, then after getting a fastpass for a certain ride, go straight here. We went here at exactly 11 am and there were only a few people waiting in line. It feels like Tokyo Disney is taking me to Venice, for real! Only that you're serenaded with a Japanese song! (HAHAHA)

Toy Story Mania is one of the best rides in the park even if it's just identical to the Toy Story ride in Walt Disney World, so be sure to get a fastpass for this one or just put this in your priority list. There's a system breakdown while we were there and it would cost us 3 hours to wait for it to get fixed so we didn't get the chance to see it. Disappointed, we headed out of the Toy Ville. Gladly, the High Tower Hotel, aka Tower of Terror greeted us with 1 and half hour waiting time, so we opted for it. You won't get bored in line since there will be a narrative play/video in japanese as you progress and get nearer inside the hotel. It is said that Harisson Hightower was killed by Shiriki Utundu by throwing him down an elevator shaft 100 years ago. We saw Shiriki and guess what he told us? He's going to do the same to us and just like that, he disappeared right before our eyes. Amazing trick! It took us an hour to get to experience the terror it projects! And can I just say that I almost lost my life? I though that we're going to be thrown out of the windows of the hotel. What a ride! I love it but then I'm going to think twice for a take two.

 The Journey to the Center of the Earth is said to be the one of best rides in the world, and with that, I totally agree. It is definitely worth the two hour line. The queue is situated at the foot of Mount Prometheus at the Mysterious Island. You will first board a Terravator that will take you 300m below sea level where you can ride a mining vehicle that will lead you to the depths of the Earth. The beauty of the crystal caverns and unworldly creatures welcomes you as you descend. As we descend deeper, the volcano shakes and our vehicle was forced to accelerate in a darker path. A storm cracks and the lightning will surely hit you, and just like that, you are inside a volcano with a big monster behind you. Just before the monster would eat up the vehicle, the volcano explodes and through the darkness, our vehicle accelerated upward and out of the crater of Mt. Prometheus.

Wow, what a journey!!! A masterpiece! I would love to spend the whole day repeating this ride when I come back.

We also rode Aquatopia. Though you won't have any control on the watercraft, you'll surely enjoy it since you can't absolutely predict where you're headed, so watch out and be sharp. All of the crafts are in a random motion. You'll twirl and swirl through the waters and even bump yourself an inch away through a waterfall, you'll never know. Fun and thrilling it is! 

Even if you have a million dollars, you can't buy a ticket to Big Band Beat since the pass is just a lotto. There's a ticket machine at a grand stand beside the gondola ride, and if you're lucky enough to get chosen by the machine, you'll be able to watch Big Band Beat at a schedule given to you. Sadly for us, we weren't chosen. :-( 

The S.S. Columbia houses two restaurants (S.S. Columbia Dining Room and Teddy Roosevelt Lounge), one attraction named Turtle Talk, and the main stage for "A Table is Waiting". They say that you could see Mt. Fuji from here, if you're lucky enough. And nope, this S.S. columbia is not the actual size, but it looks like the real one isn't it? 

As you stroll around the park, don't forget to take note and watch out for scheduled performances of Mickey and Minnie plus the other Disney characters! All of their show are a must watch and truly, a fantastic one!

I was kind of sad that we left earlier than the closing time, since we need to pack our things for tomorrow's flight. But then, I'm just as happy since I have a reason to be back some time soon! Stay tuned and feel free to ask questions if you have one!

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