Read me, Wednesdays Vol. 2

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Whoa, I can't believe how supportive you guys were. Thank you so much for reading the first issue, I certainly didn't think that it will top my most viewed posts in a week. I actually plan to publish a travel post before this one last Sunday, but failed to do so. So....... Here's another round, I hope you guys will stick with me every wednesday till the volumes wear out.


I'm currently reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Even though I'm nowhere near the finish line yet, I can say that this book would be one of my favorites and go-to. I actually discovered it while watching my [now] favorite korean drama, "My Love from the Star". Yes, I watch kdramas. Before you even search for it, I'll say it myself: it's about a china rabbit..... but more than being categorized as a children's book... it happens to be a story of love and life. :-)


1.  "The Most Important Blogpost You Probably Never Read" by Glen Allsopp

This ones for all the aspiring bloggers/writers that are scared to take the leap. I decided to add this one here because it's one of the reasons why I have a blog right now. At first,  I was like, "Heeeeey, it takes a brave soul to enter the blogosphere seriously and I just don't have it in me" and then I happen to stumble through this article and made me say, "O well, who says I don't have a brave soul?". It's moving and makes you want to crush all your worries about the world of blogging.

2. "How to find what you love to do"  by Brian Kim

Just as I've given Steve Job's article on the previous post, I cannot let this one slide. You just got to read this if you wanted a "guide" inspired by Job's speech. It tackles how important self-assesment is in finding what you love to do. This article helps you realize that it's not about travelling the world, its not about trying something new or getting engaged to things other than what's in your life at the moment. It's having to decide for yourself.

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