Read me, Wednesdays Vol. 1

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday   always been the undecided day of the week, wether you should be excited that it's already 2 days before friday or be frantically hating that time flies a little slow for the week. Pretty much, as endless feelings could lead us, I have decided to share with you some of my frequent reads or some novels that I have read from the past years that have been close to my heart.

Reading is key. A few minutes of reading excerpts or short essays won't hurt the brain would it? I always take time to browse the library or net articles about anything goes and under the sun blues of other people. It's about time I slice a bit of it and share it with my increasing readers! So here's the first volume of my new feature. "Read me, Wednesdays" where I share a book/article that I'm currently reading, 2-3 good reads that I would like to share.


I am currently reading Norweigan Wood by Murakami. Don't judge me, okay? Well, I know a lot have read this already, but can you not? Since I entered college, I never had the time to actually read novels plus the readings on my humanities classes are forming mountains.


1. "Advice, Like Youth" - by Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune – June 1, 1997
- Out of the twenty articles I've collected for this feature, I don't have a reason as to why I chose to include it in my first three. Not that I don't like this, but I just happen to browse the net and bump into this article a few weeks back. For me, this article is powerful and life-changing. It started talking about sunscreens and end up giving a lesson that would really make you think and change. It's moving. I love this.

2. "Find what you love" - 2005 Standford University Commencement Address by Steve Jobs
The three things that I'll never forget even if I grow old came from this address, "Find what you love, trust in your instincts, and follow your heart". I always reread this everytime I find my self lost and confused, or having a hard time in school or life.

3. "The White Bird"  - by John Berger

- I got this from my art studies class and it gave me a mild headache in analyzing as to how we can actually experience aesthetic emotion. And knowing how people always find the negativity in their everyday lives, I want all of you to actually take time to understand deeply that nothing's perfect and everything happens for a soul reason of PURPOSE.

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