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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I have a long list to share....  and so:


I have left a list of blog backlogs and took a brief hiatus in the blogosphere since my Japan trip. So first and foremost, I apologize for not having to open up the emails and neglecting a lot of blog events and campaigns. Since my come back, I've been plunge with school work and a pile of readings to accomplish. Amidst chasing deadlines and the examinations that has yet to beat me, I've realized that although things get complicated as your stay in a university increases, it is still fun and challenging to be a student. (Reallyyy?)

I know I must be responsible in balancing my study schedule and blog work, but I've been on the loose for two years straight without a summer break. (So maybe I overdid my self right there) I honestly thought that I could update at least after my week long trip, but even the national elections pretty much didn't trigger for me to react quite a shot. Moreover, my birthday didn't even allow me to at least post a photo in instagram. Such a poor thing for a social media redemption.

2. I TURNED 19
I turned 19 a few weeks back, and I feel that everything around me is changing abruptly that I didn't had enough time to cherish it. The future is fast approaching and I can't believe that my college years have gone down into half. I shall soon brave myself into what's ahead of me. Though the past year has paved way into loving the program I'm taking more, I still can't accept that I'm on my way to being called a grown up. Nevertheless, since I'm down to my last teen year, I decided to.....


I decided to not enroll for a summer course and dedicate this term break on blogging and having fun! It's been two years since I last had a summer vacation and frantically speaking, I SERIOUSLY NEED IT. Aside from dealing with puffy eyes, sleep deprivation, and my last teen year rants I'm talking about, I'm also on the verge of renovating my website and thinking about doing a few vlogs about my recent trip... what do you think?


I'll start posting some blog backlogs I failed to accomplish a month ago and then start sharing about my trip to Japan. YAAAAY! ++++ travelogue!

Stay tuned :)

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