Sunday, April 10, 2016

To think that I have the whole holy week break to do blog work is enough reason for me to brand myself as a total LAZY ASS, just because I haven't radiate any sign of productivity during the entire holiday. Just a quick overview, I came up with this School Girl series to help girls out there who have a constant dilemma, to decide and see possible outfit ideas to wear to school. Ha! It's H. Kristine to the rescue!

Thumbs up for summer staple Chino Shorts! I've always prefer street style and/or dresses rather than sporty-casual attire. Though I have been into Basketball and Badminton during my high school days, I've pretty much grown into wearing girly-girl outfits almost all the time. (Yes, I have played basketball during a fest on our village, and no, I'm not muscular) But, as I've been constantly on search for summer trends, I can't help but try to style up this chino shorts. Manila is breathing summer as every second ticks, and wearing something that is both comfy and simple is a must, knowing how irritating the heat brings in the metro. Especially for university students who are under the academic shift, it is a hundred and one percent crazy to wear ragged jeans and sweatshirts to school (state the obvious, h.). Well, I have always love the idea of wearing basic to school just so we get to be more comfortable, and focused on school related stuff.

So.. Yay! Hope you guys catch my next outfit under this series this Friday!

Chino Shorts from Uniqlo | Shoes from Adidas | Top from The Wardrobe Manila | Eyeliner from Rucy's Vanity
Photos by the amazing Yuri Tsumura (@thelilychild_)

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