Wednesday, March 16, 2016

 It's been awhile since I last shared an outfit post with you all. While I'm on a constant state of striving to balance blog work and midterm exam dues, I kind of forgot the shoots I already had on standby.

  I usually bend on simple and laid back outfits whenever I'm off to school; mainly because of the long walks from class to class (with zero time interval given). Some would say, "so what?". Well, I must say that I certainly refuse to be dragged on to the realms of annoying heat and the week long consequences of wearing heels... ...Just kidding! I actually don't mind those kinds of stuff but I just feel like it's inappropriate to do high fashion on days where I have to run my way from building to building. Yes, I know. My blogger self sometimes leave my school girl side in terms of high-style fashion, maybe because I don't want people to gain eyes on me wearing a rock style leather jacket or a suede crop top on a day where mathematics is getting on my brain cells. So, as I would state the obvious, I'm just sharing with you all my typical wardrobe during school.

 Anyway, what can you say?

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