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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I don't usually buy bags, but when I do, I make sure that it's an upscale, good quality bag. And even though my bags are meticulously picked, I get bored of them after a while or have the tendency to forget taking good care of them because of poor storage.

Talking about fashion, not all of the style enthusiaste have their bags with them when doing snapshots of their latest ootds. Yet, I must say that bags are one of the most essential pieces in our day to day runaways. Bags are the smaller version of our room, right? We put in there all of the crazy stuff we need for the day, so it is really vital that we invest on something that would really be useful and at the same time, match our staple outfits.

It was only when I happen to stumble into @ohmybagphils on instagram that I have learned that there are a lot of bag goodies available for my babies' safe keeping! I'm pretty much excited and giddy that they have bag care essentials specifically made for certain designer bags like Long Champ, Gucci, and more. Now, I'll be able to keep my bags organized and clean all the time.

I got this bag filer for my medium sized Long Champ. Usually, I just put it in my storage box whenever I'm not using it, that's why I always dig every single thing in the box before I can find it - dusty and smoggy. So, I have to take extra minutes of my precious time to remove dust and stains.
But now, it's easier for me to oversee what bag I'll be using since it's transparent. Unlike any bag filers that are either sulky or dead black, this is a clear plastic filer that is easy to clean up. And.. guess what? It prevent's my favorite bags from getting molds!! I love it! I'm planning to buy lot's of these for my aunts and besties as well!

Unless you have a genie as a best friend and a fairy godmother as an in-house guest, you might not always get your bag a new look or color. Thankfully, I've discover that Oh My Bag sells beautifully designed handle wraps. These are made of chiffon that's why it doesn't only recreate a look rather gives a comfy hold on a hard and rough bag handle. Only that this handle wrap is made from imported materials, that's why its a lot comfortable to hold my prada bag!! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I really do suggest that you grab one now, as it is just a limited edition in their series. It's called 'Viola Garden Handle Wrap'. I honestly thought that my saffiano prada bag gets a little boring as days pass, but it actually looks so vibrant in this photo, now that I have my handle wrap.

Thank you so much Oh My Bag Ph for sending me this useful bag care items!
I do recommend these bag essentials since they are all worth your investment! 

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