Saturday, February 13, 2016

What is it on valentines day that requires people to buy chocolates, flowers, and create love letters? Isn't that love is what valentine's day meant and not about what you receive?

Oh I see, the feeling of being loved and remembered; the feeling of people looking at you at the streets holding a beautiful bouquet out, the joy of a romantic candle lit dinner on an occasion restaurant, the fancy of not being alone  — valentine's day. I never said that it was wrong and shouldn't be the way but maybe, I just wanted everyone to explore valentine's day more than what capitalism and media portrays.

I often think that people take love's spontaneity and continuity for granted. Haven't they realize that the best thing about love is actually its constant presence? As often as not, people didn't notice the love until it's actually gone. The moment we fell in love feels like we've got fate right in the palm of our hands. We think that we have the years behind and hours beyond the clock. However, it was seconds after — that we forget to enjoy the constant feeling, the undeviating sentiment it offers. We look for ways to which we need to see the affection and not actually feel it. Too deaf to hear the echoes of irreplaceable and requited love   hanging on to the bars of materialism and over expressionism. Too high to see the world in it's most picturesque portraiture, making us neglect the happiness money can't buy. The little things that are often unseen, sometimes have the biggest emotion-giving actions.

We all share the same clouds, and as we greet the day of what has been a festive of hearts  —  let us not forget to see things from a different perspective. Feel it rather than see it, hear it rather than expect it. 


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