REEVALUATING ME: Where did I begin?

Thursday, January 7, 2016
Photo courtesy of Modelo Pilipinas

My blog drafts are pretty full already, and I haven't come to decide what to post first. It was like I am a sound waiting to be a word... Some days I thought, maybe I was not that ready to open up a blog again or maybe..
just maybe..

I was just lacking self confidence.

There's a lot of great books I have read and a lot more interesting fashion blogs I have come across the net, and I was thinking... How do I make mine interesting and uniquely me?

Cutting it to the chase,  I am posting some old photoshoots of mine, you know, just to have something to tell me that you-have-gotten-that-far-don't-give-up-just-yet, ha. (Giving myself a brief reevaluation of what has been of me and blogging for the past years.)

Well, if I am not entirely mistaken, this was my first step in pursuing my aspirations. Joining Modelo Pilipinas.. (Should I tell the story? Maybe next time) This stepping stone has opened many doors for me. I have come to join big events like Philippine Fashion Racks and meet great people. Thanks, MP!

So to all of you out there who are in the middle of a war with your hearts and minds, do not be afraid to try building and chasing your dreams. Dreams are real if you believe and work for it. So yeah, who knew I'd be able to pose like this when I am [[a hundred and eight percent camera shy]]?

Modelo Pilipinas Studio | 2011

Me, during shoots: #majorfail #epicfail
Life is not life if you don't have moments that are cringeworthy. You don't have to be fabulous all the time, do you? Just be yourself and enjoy everything!

Be yourself, be ridiculously beautiful. #what

Just like that, I fell in love with photography, fashion, modelling, style, and the like. Thus, I started to blog about my daily dose of shenanigans and sartorials back when I was 12.  I also did book reviews (good reads) as well as more and more shoots with awesome photographers + modelling agencies I have come to met and work with.

However, school happened. The backfiring message that tells you "you need to go to a good college"; so I stopped.

Photo grabbed from Bianca Felipe

Yeah, I stopped blogging. But I didn't stopped modelling. I gave the annual school event "The Marian Catwalk" a try. Auditions were held and luckily, I made it! So until my senior year, I've been a part of it. (PS. What I wore was styled by me! #vintage) 

Photographer: I. Quinal | 2013
College happened: that is why even my favorite pastime was out of my to-do list. However, this passion of mine kept on following me... I was chosen as UP Institute of Math's Miss Freshie.... (Miss Math!) and landed a podium finish.

Photo by JP Dacanay

Recently, I have talked to one of the best professors I encountered in UP, and she told me, "Why don't you open up a blog? I mean all of your papers and articles are well-crafted. I'm giving you that life project, my dear." Well, hello ma'am, I hope I'm not disappointing you. 

^That gave me a month long of constant battle between me and my brain. (Since it was years since I last did those stuff and it requires dedication)

Mike Perez Photography 

I have this crazy theory that time and universe and fate and destiny are the mean girls of the universe who crafted all of these happenings a long time ago and we people, we're just coming to realize everything, like it's just materialising in front of our eyes, and we wake up knowing we're now one step closer to the place where we always wanted to be, where we should be. That's what I'm freaking feeling right now.

I don't know if its just a matter of choices or magically destined for you.
Mike Perez Photography

So this post is me saying good bye to my #very low self esteem and be the girl I always wanted to be. I need to stop overthinking about people judging me about my decisions as well as my outlooks in life. Rather, I will start showing them that I've got what it takes. This is me, throwing up all the usual dilemmas of not having to be good at all in everything. So this is me believing in me, in what I want to do, in my goals, and in my huge dreams.

RJ Reyes Photography | 2011
Probably, you'd encounter a lot of bumps in these world of beauty, style, fashion, and photography just like I did. But it's good taking the bumpy ride than not having to experience these at all.

So to those who have no guts in making their dreams come true, oh come on. Wake up, you have the whole 2016 right in front of your nose. There are a lot of infinite possible ways to make your dreams happen. Make YOU happen!

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  1. this was my first time reading your bog. although, I already watched your videos on youtube. I was also planning to have my own blogsite. Wish I also have a good english skills like you :((


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