Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Photo and Edit by: Yuri Tsumura of Yuri Tsumura Photography

Mostly when the lazy weather gets a hold of my life and nothing seems to be in its proper form I'd prefer to wear lazy getups: or should I say overalls. Where I don't really have to think of mix and matching things up are days where my body is dead tired. I found this lonely romper hanging in a boutique and the first word that popped in to my mind was "rainbow". Have you seen rainbow colors forming on foot ground whenever there are oil leaks or something? (Well I assume you have) I always see it in a different perspective — how in a world so dark, one can still radiate hope in its most abstract form. Just like how the colors of this open-backed upstyle romper turned out to be a loud voice screaming curiosity. Which leads me to a question:

Where do rainbows go?

That's the question I always ask myself whenever I see one. I personally think that it doesn't go anywhere at all, it stays up there in the sky, longing to be visible again after a day of rain. Where the mornings after are just as the same, rainbows tend to give you a hope of another window as one of your door closes.

For more than what actually meets the eye, the colorful rainbow do match up the intense rainfall with a rising sun. As you think more of what life has to offer, it brings us to the fact that all beautiful things don't just arrive when you want it to. People travel a long road to reach the summit of their goals. The mythical pot of gold won't serve us good. However, it'll remain an inspiring thought — that at the end of all the drought and sorrow, here comes a brighter present day.

Wake up today with the thought of bringing all your pursuits right where you want them to be. Find your rainbow up there, and you'll realize that it doesn't go anywhere, it's right behind you, just waiting for the storm in you to pass.

What do you think of my outfit? Yay or nay?

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