Sunday, January 3, 2016
Shot by CBD Studios. Photo edited by me.

Hello guys. Obviously, this is my first ever blog post. Hooray! 
First stop: I have chosen this unique name just because...

photo grabbed from pinterest.com

it describes what my blog would be best.

Now you know that my blog will wander on my own perspective of style, places to go, books to read, fashion finds, and the like. (Sharing) Every year, I visit different countries and places; so expect more helpful travel blogs! There would also be in between sneak out adventures I'd gladly share. So better check out where my foot would be! 

I've always pondered on the idea creating my own lifestyle+travel+fashion blog, and I know 2016 would be the perfect timing for this dream to come true! Thanks to my english professor who convinced me to create a blog. Here it is now. So a BIG HELLO to all of those who have spare some time in reading my first ever blog post.

My main goal here is to help out readers and share what life has to offer me each day. Since I'm still a newbie on this blog community, I really would love to learn from all of you as you learn something from me too. :)

 I hope that you visit me frequently and follow me on 
instagram/twitter: @nightingzel 
 Newbie on lookbook: lookbook.nu/nightingzel

Guess I'm living my life in HD now? 

Earings from SM Accesories, Ring from F21, Dress was designed/created by my Mom.

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