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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ben Cab Museum in Baguio City has been having a lot of attention these days, so I headed over to see why people say it's "worth it".

And it really is.

I haven't met Ben Cab personally since he left an hour before I arrived. However, I felt his presence with all of the work of art he has made. Museums have always been an enriching experience for me so I really didn't plan on going for an #ootd or glam shoot (so all photos were just shot through Iphone 5), rather,  I wanted to enjoy looking and understanding all of Ben Cab's masterpieces. Most of the people who I've encountered during my museum tours were just talking about how beautiful is a painting or how the artist made history and after —  walk pass to another artwork. But have they thought of the significance? I hope you'll take time to read some realizations I had as I walk the aisle of fine art.


How can we say an art is an art?

 Is it because it was made by a famous painter? a beautiful wood carved sold fairly in an auction? a sketch by an artist or illustrator? or maybe because it was placed in a museum? It may be art to me but a piece of project to you, or a scratch for me and a masterpiece for you. True enough, art has always been a convoluted concept.

In a world so vast with huge amount of remarkable fine art; I figure that looking beyond the masterpiece is what really makes it golden. It's the thematic concept — the process and trail it has gone through. From the creative minds of artists to their hands comes a blank page, a wood, or a canvass through which they produce ethereal crafts.  The skepticism toward defining art have grown throughout the years, so as the many definitions given to it.  On metaphysical grounds, I may say that the whole world is a puzzled art. But within the span of our lives is a flowing stream of discoveries, just as how Ben Cab had been able to discover art in a whole new zone, we could also dig deeper. I'm writing all of these because as life brings us from world to world, I'm taking it back to the time where it actually began. It would be nice to go back and take a look at how art influenced much of our society. The history and path of all these crafts pinned on the walls of museums — how come they are there?

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